You know, this living room is so drab.  We could really liven it up with a nice centerpiece.

Carlotta, would you go shopping with me?  I'd really like your insight.


Thanks for helping me look!  I don't know anyone who knows more about antiques than you!

After all, you're probably older than every single item in this store!
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I’ve never understood the obsession with buying useless nicknacks like “centrepieces”. Why not get something useful like a bookcase or a piano? If you have to have a decoration, why not a painting, where clumsy me won’t trip over it? What that room really needs is more things on the walls, but I guess in rentals it’s hard to get permission to put the occasional nail in the wall.

I never bothered to ask permission . . . just made sure I could patch it when I moved out.

I did have one landlord ask for a copy of one of my prints, though.